Ultimate Guide To Poker Etiquette

Poker is one of the most social games in the gambling industry. Also, the game has very many rules that control how people play and behave during the game. This means that if you misbehave at the table, you may be a nuisance to fellow players or even be disqualified from the game. To be on the safe side and play well, you should know some of the poker etiquettes and follow them every time you play the game.

Important poker etiquette rules

1. Raise the pot only when it your turn

Many poker players feel overexcited when they have a good hand and are attempted to play even when it is not their turn. This is unacceptable as it can cause a lot of confusion and ill-feelings among players. As a poker player, you are only supposed to play when it is your turn.chips

2. Do not expose live cards

As long as the hand is still continuing, do not expose your cards when folding. Exposing your card will provide other players with information that they use to make decisions, which change the way the rest of the hand will be played. Therefore keep your cards to yourself until showdown. Be careful with your cards because all losers will blame you if you expose your cards beforehand. Besides showing the cards, you are also not supposed to about them as long as the hand is still progressing.

3. Never splash the pot

Anyone who has played poker before knows how disastrous the pot is. This is one of the worst betting habits in poker games. It is an act of rudeness to other players and the dealer. If the pot is already big enough and you throw your money or chips in it, it will be very difficult to know the amount you have put into it. This brings a lot of confusion and accusations. So simply avoid doing this at any poker table.

4. Be professional and social

cardsAs a professional poker player, there are several etiquettes to observe. For instance, keep the conversation funny or light, do not stall the game, do not fight, avoid table talking, do not over celebrate when you win, observe hygiene, do not make phone calls, do not accuse your fellow players, if you decide to show your cards after winning a hand then show them to everyone on the table, pay attention to every detail, ensure that your chips are stacked properly, and do not misrepresent your action or hand. All these etiquettes must be observed when playing online or land poker.