Various Casino Jobs and How you Can Get Them

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Casino jobs are quite lucrative and exciting. It may be confusing to get one which is good for you. You should note that casinos are just like resorts. Thus, they have everything an individual will need in a single place. As a result of this setup, they can employ a lot of people in different areas. You should note that casinos do pay well. Most jobs in this sector have a minimum wage plus tips. This offers employees an opportunity to get extra money.

The casinos have a unique way of promoting their employees. Most of them promote from within before they hire from outside. However, it is quite difficult to get a holiday. This is because people visit these places during weekends and holidays. The casinos provide a lot of benefits that include regular vision, dental, and health. Also, they can provide special rates and even freebies to their employees.

Available jobs


casino dealer 5t2Usually, people applying to be dealers do not require prior experience. However, this varies from one casino to another. The majority of dealer positions come with the in-house training. Most casinos want experienced dealers and can even hire graduates. There are schools that provide certification in casino dealing. This can be added advantage if you have a certificate.

Pit boss

This particular job comes with a lot of responsibilities. He or she works hard to ensure customers are happy. Moreover, he or she ensures that bad people trying to take advantage of other players or casino are thrown out. He or she is responsible for several games, floor supervisors, and dealers in designated sections.

Gaming surveillance officer

This particular job is mainly done by a qualified security officer. The main role of this position is to protect the casino, its property, employees, and customers. He or she monitors the casino and ensures that there are no suspicious activities.

Wait staff

casino waitress Being a bar tender, waitress, or a waiter at a casino resort can be quite lucrative. In fact, wait staff ought to be professional. Moreover, they should have the knowledge required to attend various types of people. The job can be quite demanding and needs one to work in stressful conditions at times. You will meet a lot of people from different backgrounds, and not all of them are nice. To be successful in this position, you need excellent communication skills.